About Us

Tradition and Experience

MARCO PROSS GROUP ™ Pty LTD Seychelles has been active under its trademark name since 1982, while it has been based in Seychelles since early 1999, with its headquarters in Victoria, Mahé Island.

We are a Registered Company, Registration Number  847762-2 by Seychelles Government, Department of Legal Affairs, Registration Division, P.O.Box 142 Victoria, Mahe Island, Seychelles.

Among other successful branches operating under the trademark name, our Events & Online Booking divisions “Dream Weddings & Honeymoons Seychelles” and “Dream Holidays Seychelles”, proudly offer a wide range of highly professional services ideal for wedding couples and honeymooners looking for a romantic and exotic getaway, as well as tourists, guests and business people visiting our beautiful islands.

We are customer focused, with quality expected service and we strive to provide excellence in all we doOur Weddings & Honeymoons are becoming No.1 among couples from all over the world...

... because we take care of all your needs and desires for a stress free Wedding Day: transfers, paperwork, Registrar, Marriage Certificate, highly professional wedding photographers, video services, styling, perfect venue, rich tropical flower arrangements and decorations, beautiful wedding cake, reception drinks,  witnesses, if needed....

Furthermore, our dedicated “Dream Holidays Seychelles” team of specialists can arrange for your flights, accommodation, car hire, excursions on land and sea, nature walks, island hopping, romantic candlelight dinner on the sandy beach, sunset cruise, diving , marine park snorkeling, BBQ on a tiny, nearby island beach, deep-sea fishing, golf, and many, many more for an unforgettable, tropical island experience.

We're present in 16 countries

With our representatives in Germany, Denmark, Austria, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, U.A.E. Serbia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea and China, and experienced local teams, located on 3 most popular islands in Seychelles, Mahe, La Digue and Praslin, we are proud to offer excellent, personalized service for a dream-like, lifetime memories